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Junk Removal In Richmond County

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Richmond County contains three incorporated municipalities: Augusta, Georgia's third largest city, with a 2020 population of 202,081; Hephzibah, with 3,830; and Blythe, with 744. 

Richmond, which ranks eleventh in population among Georgia counties, is the center of a metropolitan statistical area of more than 600,000 people in the multi-county, two-state region. Its economy is dominated by government, medical, and manufacturing businesses. In addition, the county has more than a dozen museums and historic sites open to the public.


residential Junk Removal in Richmond County

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Construction Debris Removal

How long would your team remove all the debris from your construction project? The time your crew is working on debris removal could be spent on the construction or renovation contract. The last thing a company needs is for a job to be completed with safety issues while workers and contractors are tired and distracted. For this reason, professional, reliable, cost-effective debris removal is the best option. If you require our services, please get in touch with us today.

commercial appliance removal

Appliance Removal

You can easily remove any old items you no longer need from your home efficiently and affordably with our crew. Whether you've decided to get a new stove or refrigerator, removing old appliances is the first step toward renovation. With Augusta Junk Removal, you don't have to worry about this task. We have the team to remove those bulky appliances from your home. If you're ready to get rid of that appliance, call us at (706) 361-4148.

Grovetown Junk Hauling Services

Attic Cleanouts

A messy attic is a fire hazard but attracts rodents and other pests. With our attic cleanout service, we will rid you of this problem. Throwing away things you no longer want or need gives your home potential for other uses. Our team will make sure to leave your attic free of junk so you can use this space better.

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Yard Waste Removal

At Augusta Junk Removal, we know that in time, you'll want to clean up your yard now before winter arrives. Now is a good time to call our professional team. Our yard waste removal service is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective and will help you save money in the long run. If you're ready to eliminate that waste, call us at (706) 361-4148.

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Garage Junk Removal

We know that a clean and organized garage helps your mood and daily activities go more smoothly. However, it is a complex job that requires professional services. Let the team at Augusta Junk Removal handle the job. You will no longer be embarrassed for your guests and neighbors to see the inside of your garage, as it will be a functional space filled with only what you need.

Commercial Junk Removal in Richmond County

office clean out

Office Cleanouts

A safe working environment through professional office cleaning helps reduce the wide variety of employee sick days but also enables you to eliminate unnecessary expenses. Hiring our junk removal services to declutter and clean out your office is an investment that will save you a lot of incidentals. With extensive experience, our trained staff can remove all types of appliances from your property.


Warehouse Cleanouts

At Augusta Junk Removal, we'll help you have an organized warehouse. Hence, your company has better control of processes such as checking product shelf life, managing stock for write-offs, and monitoring inventory levels to avoid overstocking or stock-outs. Do not hesitate to contact us if your facilities are messy and dirty. If you're ready to get rid of that junk, call us at (706) 361-4148.


Storage Unit Cleanouts

With our storage unit cleaning services, we take care of getting everything out of your unit promptly. Doing the job yourself can be a significant hassle and a safety hazard, but our professionals can take the stress off your hands. We'll take it all away and dispose of or donate it.

Junk Removal in Richmond County for Realtors & Property Managers

junk removal in Richmond County

Hoarder Cleanout Services

At Augusta Junk Removal, we know that you are motivated to take action when you reach out to us. We understand how you feel, which is why we work with everyone involved to help ensure a positive hoarding cleanup outcome. For example, instead of simply arriving with empty containers and leaving a vacant residence, we try to preserve essential items and important mementos.

residential junk removal services

Junk Removal for Seniors Living Home

If you want to keep your spaces clean and your health or energy is not what it used to be to take care of yourself, our friendly team of junk removal specialists is more than happy to help you get rid of the things you no longer want. We ensure to get rid of your stuff in the best possible way. If items are reusable, we donate them to a local charity. We recycle whenever we can. Finally, we will dispose of it properly at the landfill.


Eviction Cleanout services

Look no further than Augusta Junk Removal if you are looking for a reliable and affordable eviction cleanup company. Our team of professional cleaning technicians has years of experience in this field. We can help quickly and efficiently remove all traces of previous tenants from your rental property. If you're ready to get rid of that junk, call us at (706) 361-4148.

Dumpster Rental In Augusta

Dumpster Rental

Augusta Junk Removal offers driveway-safe dumpster rental to residential and commercial locations in Augusta and surrounding areas. Renting a clean, quality dumpster can make a difference in your experience in taking care of unwanted junk around your property, like appliances, general house junk, garage clutter, or demolition debris. If you're ready to get rid of that trash, call us at (706) 361-4148.


Professional team

Our team can get your property back to junk-free status in no time. Hiring our junk removal services has distinct advantages because we have the workforce to do the heavy lifting, and our trucks fit a lot of junk.

eco-friendly service

When it's time to clean your home, you may think that means taking all the unwanted items to the landfill. But that's not true. When you choose to work with Augusta Junk Removal, your belongings can be donated for years of use by a new family.

cost effective

Our junk removal estimate service is 100% free. We match you with qualified junk removal professionals that best fit your project needs. Still, you can proceed if you are not completely satisfied with the quotes provided.

how it works?

Set up an on-site appointment
for a quote

Call us at (706) 361-4148 or send us a text message to set up a free, no-obligation quote on what it costs for trash removal by our professional team.

Choose the schedule that
works best for you

We schedule our junk removal services in two to three-hour blocks and always call with an estimated arrival time of approximately 30-45 minutes before the scheduled time. We will be prepared to complete the job during on-site quotes if the estimated cost is accepted.

We will take away
all your trash

Once we arrive for your on-site junk removal estimate, we will ask you to show us all junk and general trash to be loaded and removed. Then, point out the waste, and we'll take care of the rest. Our professionals here at Augusta Junk Removal will cover everything from loading to hauling.

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