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Residential Junk Removal Services

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We offer residential junk removal services in Augusta and the surrounding areas.  Junk and household clutter can accumulate fast, taking over space you once considered your own.  Some common areas are where junk and trash tend to get stored until it becomes a problem. 

Basements, garages, and crawl spaces become storage areas for clutter that has no further use.  Once lots of old junk builds up, it can cause health and fire hazards and a harbor for pests, rodents, and bugs, not to mention its hand in looking unsightly.  If you have any area of your house that has been overrun by junk, call us today, and let us help you reclaim your space! 

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Appliance Removal Augusta, GA

Appliance removal can be stressful without the help of Augusta Junk Removal.  We are well-trained and fully insured for removing heavy appliances from your Augusta home.  Your peace of mind is essential to us, so when our staff comes onto your property or into your home to remove an appliance in Augusta, GA, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands. 

Appliances are heavy and hard to move without help or the right equipment.  Some appliances like refrigerators and deep freezers can be almost impossible to remove from hard-to-reach locations within the home. Augusta Junk Removal has the proper training and experience to hail appliances from your commercial business or residential property.

Hot Tub Removal

Attic Junk Removal Augusta, GA

Many people stuff their attics with unused items and other types of debris.  Attic junk removal can be one of the most challenging kinds because to remove junk from an attic, the access can be hard to deal with.  Our teams are well prepared to effectively handle any attic junk cleanout, so you can trust that your junk will be cleared from your attic cost-effectively and affordably.  Some items that we remove from attics regularly are old mattresses, dressers, clothes, scrap construction debris, and other miscellaneous household items that find their way to the attic location of the home.  

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Electronic Waste Removal

We provide homeowners with an efficient way to have electronics picked up and recycled. We can haul off most electronic items as long as the material is not considered hazardous.  Our junk removal experts regularly remove electronic items that include printers, televisions, monitors, laptops or desktop computers, and even more oversized items like x-ray machines.  If you have questions or concerns about an electronic item that needs to be removed, Augusta Junk Removal is just a call away, and we would love to hear about your needs and offer a solution.

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Construction Debris Removal 

During any construction project, it is vital to keep scrap wood and other junk construction material out of your or your worker's way. We remove many kinds of construction debris and always use our safety-first philosophy. 

When removing heavy construction debris like bricks, plaster, or concrete during a home project, construction scraps like wood splinters, electrical wires, and nails can cause safety concerns. Our teams here at Augusta Junk Removal can assist in clearing your project area of all trash and debris to ensure you have a safe environment to work in.  Clearing construction junk from your job site can significantly impact your safety during any project.  

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House Cleanouts

We are proud to offer house cleanout services here at Augusta Junk Removal.  Donating unwanted items that others can use is a much better way to handle salvageable material than taking it to a landfill, so when we clear a house of junk, we donate as much as possible. 

As an eco-friendly service, we know that house cleanout services go hand and hand with what we offer as a junk removal company. If you have debris that has cleared from a living area, just let us know about the project, and we will handle your house junk and debris for a fair rate.  If you have a load of items that can be donated to a charity or other organization, we can assist in handling the entire process for you; anything that needs to be discarded will be. We remove all kinds of items that have worn out or broken over time, like furniture, clothes, dishes, school supplies, etc.    

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Hoarder Cleanouts

Hoarder cleanouts are common in Augusta and the surrounding area, but have no fear; we are here and ready to assist on those more significant cleanout projects that other junk hauling and clearing services might not handle efficiently.  We are experienced and well-trained in hoarder cleanouts and take extraordinary measures to be compassionate and understand our client's needs. 

As we remove junk from a hoarder's house, it's common to discover sentimental items.  In these cases, we ensure the client knows we found an item they may want to know about.  One thing that sets us apart from other hoarder cleanout companies in Augusta, Georgia, is that we work side by side with our clients if that is how they want to go about the home-clearing task.  During hoarding junk removal jobs, it's common to go through things that may have been buried over time.  We can assist in the rediscovery process while clearing junk from home.  

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Same Day Junk Removal

If you need junk removal in Augusta, you may need junk removed fast!  We can offer same-day junk removal in many cases. With Augusta Junk Removal, you never have to worry about junk sitting outside your house or inside your garage for too long.

Same-day junk removal is easy with Augusta Junk Removal because, in many cases, we can come right to your location and pick the junk up the same day you call us.  Just text us or call us with some information about the junk you need to remove, and we will review the information you provide.  We will then get you a free junk removal estimate and get you on our schedule.

If, for any reason, we are booked out for the day, we will do our best to take into account how time-sensitive your project is and see if we can do anything in our power to get you taken care of.  We also offer next-day junk removal, so if we cannot get to you for same-day junk removal services, we will almost certainly be able to haul your junk away the next day.  Either way, you can expect that Augusta Junk Removal has the ability to remove your junk and, at that, remove your junk fast!

To get affordable same-day junk removal services in Augusta, Georgia, call Augusta Junk Removal now!  You can text or call us at (706) 361-4148.

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Garage Cleanout Service

A garage cleanout service can make having junk hauled out of your garage as easy as 1, 2, 3.  As we all know, a garage tends to be a great spot to throw unusable items and other miscellaneous junk.  Call us when there is overwhelming junk and trash, and we will remove all unwanted clutter from your garage. If your garage junk is easily accessible, ask about our garage junk cleanout services deals.

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Storage Unit Cleanouts

Storage units need to be cleaned out regularly for storage unit business owners and storage unit renters.  We can remove many kinds of junk from storage units annually and have some of the most affordable pricing for storage unit cleanout services in Augusta, GA.  If items can be salvaged from the unit we are removing junk or clutter from, we will try to donate that material.

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Hot Tub Removal Service

Hot tub removal services are one of our favorite things to assist our clients with.  If you need a hot tub removed in Augusta, we have you covered with an experienced hot tub removal team that is expertly trained to move and remove hot tubs away from your home or business.  No matter where your old hot tub needs to be removed from on your property, we can get the job done!

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Furniture Removal

Safe, effective, and efficient.  Handling furniture removal in Augusta is one service that keeps us busy and on our toes.  Augusta Junk Removal can haul away all your old couches, chairs, and mattresses with a trained team that knows how to move heavy items out of a home.  We can get those furniture items up those stairs, maneuvered around those corners, and loaded into our junk trucks without any problems.

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Mattress Removal

Old mattresses are an everyday item that we find ourselves removing for our awesome clients in Augusta, Georgia.  Mattresses only last for so long if they are heavily used, so we have an excellent service that we offer so that when you need a new mattress, you don't have to worry about getting rid of the old one.  We can pick up and haul your old mattress away from the curb or within the home.

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Property Cleanouts

We can assist with the cleanup process if you have a property with trash, junk, and other types of debris strewn about it.  Our property cleanup services effectively get all kinds of junk hauled out of the woods, barnyard, or just property in general.  From trash cleanup to Yard Waste Removal, we have you covered for any of your property's junk removal needs.  If you would like to clear your property of debris yourself, ask about our services for dumpster rental in Augusta, GA!


Text-based Junk Removal Quote

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Text Us A Photo Of The Junk

To get a quick estimate, take a few pictures of what you'd like us to come to pick up and text them to (706) 361-4148.

Once we assess the kind and amount of junk you need to be removed, we will respond with our junk removal prices.

We offer curbside junk removal services and accept contactless forms of payment to help combat COVID-19.

Ready For Junk Removal In Augusta, Georgia?

As a local junk removal service located out of Augusta GA, we absolutely love what we do!  We know that removing junk from your home or property in Augusta can relieve stress because after you clear unwanted clutter from your personal space, you get a sense of relief. 

Clearing debris like general junk, trash, and old furniture from your home or place of work can allow you to store all of your items in an organized way, really giving you a sense of accomplishment. We make recycling a high priority, doing our best to keep as much as possible out of the landfill. When you need reliable services for junk removal in Augusta, Georgia, we are just one call or text away.

We serve zip codes 30906, 30907, 30909, 30815, 30813, 30904, 30901, 30814, and more. Augusta Junk Removal is looking for the next opportunity to afford each and every one of our clients a great junk removal experience!