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When it comes to shed removal in Augusta, Georgia, look no further than Augusta Junk Removal for fast, affordable and reliable service.  Our shed removal teams are dedicated to the art of shed removal and carry a great amount of experience in effectively removing any type of outdoor shed from anywhere on your property.  

When one takes on the task of Shed removal in Augusta, its important to keep "safety first" in mind.  Training, experience and expertise paired with the utilization of the right equipment lets us offer our Augusta shed removal services for a affordable rate without sacrificing high quality customer service.  You can trust us to be reliable and safe when you book for a shed removal service with Augusta Junk Removal out of Augusta Georgia.  

Augusta Shed Removal Services

We offer services for Shed Removal in Augusta, GA.  If you have an old shed, our crews are can help you remove it safely for a affordable rate.  Outdoor sheds of all sizes are hard to move so you may need assistance from an expert shed removal service nearby to tear it down and remove it.   

We offer peace of mind that comes with hiring a experienced shed removal service to handle everything from the shed tear down to the demo debris loading.  We even take care of the  transportation and disposal process.  We factor disposal cost into our shed removal estimates. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate on shed removal in Augusta, Georgia today. 

The task of tearing down an old shed is best left to our trained experts. We are fully equipped to remove any size of shed safely at an affordable rate.  Along with your unwanted outdoor shed, we take away the  associated pains of doing it yourself. Safe your time and reach out to us today at (706) 361-4148 to discuss shed removal in Augusta.

How much does Shed Removal Cost?

There are a few different factors that go into how much shed removal cost if you live in Augusta, Georgia. When a shed needs to be removed from an accessible location on the property like a back yard, the price of having a shed hauled away can be less than if the structure is hard to reach.  Shed Removal In Augusta takes experience, especially if the structural integrity of the shed presents a safety hazard to personal injury.  We take into account the shed size and material the shed is made out of when providing an estimate. The average cost of shed removal in Augusta is between $600.00 and $800.00.

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Shed Removal: How It Works

  1. Call Augusta Junk Removal to set up an estimate on what it will cost to tear down an unwanted shed and get it hauled off of your property.  Estimates for shed removal services are offered via on-site consultations but we can give approximate pricing off of a texted set of photos if requested.
  2.  We will arrive on time and provide you with a firm price on shed removal in Augusta while we are present on site ready to take the job on at that moment.
  3.  Once we come to terms on pricing, we will be available to remove the shed right then and there.  We arrive for the shed removal estimated with the allotted time to complete the task after our shed removal pricing is accepted.
  4.  After the shed has been removed, we will take payment.  We always do a walk around after any job that we do here at Augusta Junk Removal to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work and that they have received a five star shed removal experience in Augusta or the surrounding area.

Shed Removal Near Me

Are you looking for shed removal near me?

It can be hard to find the best way to dispose of an old shed that you need removed.  We have top of the line equipment that is effective in getting your unwanted shed torn down, loaded up and hauled away.  Out experience and tools used lets us take care of removing any shed in a cost efficient and timely manner, leaving you lots of time to relax. It doesn't matter where the shed is on your property or how tough the job may be, we will complete the task safely!

Sheds We Remove

  • Outdoor Sheds
  • Backyard Sheds
  • Garden Sheds

  • Metal Sheds
  • Wood Sheds
  • Plastic Sheds

  • Lean-to Sheds
  • Barn Sheds
  • Residential Sheds

  • Commercial Sheds
  • Storage Sheds
  • Damaged Sheds

Small Shed Removal

Small sheds are usually quick and easy to remove but they can present some liabilities if the process is not done carefully.  Even a small outdoor shed with a light roof can be hazardous if the roof were to fall during the tear down process.  Small sheds can usually be removed with a some light tools and a little muscle depending on the structural integrity and build style.

Large Shed Removal

Larger sheds should be removed with a bobcat or a tractor loader.  If a large shed needs to be removed from your property but is not accessible by machines, we can tear it down with hand tools.  Usually, during a shed removal task that needs to be dealt with by hand tools like sledge hammers or Sawzall's, you want to take the roof off first but cutting it down the center and then sectioning it out from there but as always, this should be left to professionals.  We are fully insured for your peace of mind while we do this dangerous style of work on your residential or commercial property.

Garden Shed Removal

Garden sheds can be are normally easy to remove.  They typically have a light build and can be removed in 2 hours or less.  If the garden shed is large enough to call for machines, a small loader of any type can serve to do the trick.

Backyard Shed Removal

Backyard sheds may or may not be accessible by machinery like tractor loaders or other small structure demolitions machines.  If we can use a bobcat to tear down and remove your backyard shed we will and the job will be completed fast.  In the scenario that we have no access to your unwanted old shed by machinery, we will remove the shed with hand tools and it may take a little longer than if a shed demolition machine was used.

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Ready For Shed Removal In Augusta, Georgia?

Removing an eye soar of a shed in Augusta can be a relief for many. After you reclaim space that a shed takes up, you are left with more room to do the things that you need to do. Its always nice to have a refreshing experience and removing junk like old sheds can be effective.  Removing a shed from your property can allow room for something else, maybe even a new shed!  If you think you are ready to have a shed removed in Augusta, Georgia or the surrounding cities, we are ready to assist you with a free, no-obligation estimate via texted photos or in person!

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